June 7, 2012
Santigold’s The Making of Master of My Make-Believe Cover – Artist Kehinde Wiley


My girl Santigold released the album art for “Master of My Make-Believe” in February, which launched May 1st.  Photographed by Jason Schmidt, the cover features her in three different versions of  Santigold,  including one in which she plays the part of two guards wearing gold Alexander Wang bodysuits.

The real coup though is that’s her in the portrait as painted by Kehinde Wiley using Banastre Tarleton’s work, titled “Portrait of an Officer” as inspiration A big deal on its own, but on top of that, this is the first time Wiley–known for his portraits of black urban males placed in classic paintings, has included a woman in his work. Kehinde Wiley Opened his new show Sean Kelly Gallery last weekend. For more info visit http://arrestedmotion.com

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