April 14, 2014
Daisy ( A Hundred Years )

Kestin Cornwall: Daisy [ A Hundred Years ]

I prefer to allow individual interpretation, and not to explain exactly why I created specific work. I like people to see what they want and apply their own ideas, themes and observations.

Recently I’ve been exploring new themes and listening to artists like Wu-Tang, Nas, Jack White, Neil Young and old Blues artists like Chuck Berry. Their music often has underlying themes such as social consciousness and complex politics. This led me to discover contemporary war art. I find war art is incredible, it documents a part of history often forgotten and can convey a message words cannot. WWI started in 1914—a hundred years ago. Many say the war in the East will last one hundred more, we should contemplate the idealistic opinion of peace.

I completed one of my largest works on gallery canvas. I have worked larger but on walls or billboards in the past. Daisy (A Hundred Years), was made using Acrylic paint, inks and paper on 66” X 77 wood panel.

October 16, 2013
Nuit Blanche 2013

Nuit Blanche was great this year! I found some photos from the night on my phone the other day, decided to post them. It’s great how one of the best art events this city has to offer all year is free and accessible to everyone.

Ai Weiwei’s new Toronto edition of Forever Bicycles using 3,144 interconnected bicycles stacked 100 feet in length and 30 feet high in Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square was amazing.

 photo IMG_00000135_zps0e81414a.jpg

 photo IMG_00000136_zps03f7381e.jpg

 photo IMG_00000151_zps75721f5e.jpg

 photo IMG_00000158_zps230da910.jpg

Tadashi Kawamata’s Garden Tower, which was part of Nuit Blanche’s Off to a Flying Start zone was a great project. Working with materials that gesture to Marcel Duchamp’s readymades, the Japanese artist constructed a visually astonishing sculpture that proved to be one of the most talked about at this year’s event.

 photo IMG_00000197_zpsccf22fdf.jpg

 photo IMG_00000203_zps3c13350b.jpg

 photo IMG_00000210_zps9890a754.jpg

 photo IMG_00000192_zps83cee6f0.jpg

 photo IMG_00000205_zpsb0885287.jpg

October 16, 2013
Detroit: An American Autopsy

 photo IMG_00000113_zps56d4477d.jpg

I want this book…

October 7, 2013

Banksy posted a video titled Rebel rocket attack to YouTube yesterday. While there is Exit Through The Gift Shop and Banksy has participated in short films about his work, this is the first time where Banksy has posted any video art in conjunction with his street art. (Someone please correct me if I’m mistaken.)

The film features Walt Disney’s character Dumbo, and uses audio footage from what appears to be a real video of a rebel in Syria shooting down a helicopter with a rocket.

That being said, in the past day and half over a million people chuckled while listening to audio of someone being killed. Hopefully, after the majority laughed, everyone paused a moment to think about the stupidity of war. What do you think?

September 29, 2013
Michael Jackson 1978

I spent two weeks preparing and working on a commission for singer and songwriter,  Danny fernandes , of Michael Jackson dressed in the infamous Mickey Mouse helmet. Random!? It was kind of rad how the idea came about, Dannny and good friend, Tania Z, passed by the studio, he saw my depiction of The Duchess of Cambridge rocking the Mickey Mouse helmet, pointed at his gnarly Mickey Mouse tattoo and asked if I could do MJ in one. Badass.

I was on a very tight time restriction, so I skipped much of the pre-drawing and pencil line work and went straight to inking. Loved how that forced the unrefined image to form. Stoked on knowing the works with a fellow Michael Jackson and Mickey Mouse advocate. Make great art!

photo MJ_1978_Detail_2_zps386f3d56.jpg

photo MJ_1978_Detail_1_zps560d5741.jpg

photo MJ_1978_Web_zpsbe678641.jpg

 photo DSC01563_zps8006075a.jpg

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